New Beauty Line Collection

30 de Agosto 2023

Discover Freedog’s 6 amazing brushes for the care of dogs and cats!


At Freedog, we are thrilled to introduce our new collection of brushes specifically designed for the care of your beloved canine and feline companions’ fur.


We have developed five types of brushes that cater to different grooming needs, ensuring a gentle, effective, and knot-free experience for your furry friend. Below, we provide a detailed description of each of our brushes:

  • Slicker Freedog with protected teeth: This versatile brush features four different sizes of bristles, allowing you to adjust the brushing intensity according to your pet’s fur type. From short to long and thick coats, this brush adapts to all needs.
  • Double-Sided de-Matting Brush : If your dog or cat tends to develop knots and tangles in their fur, this brush will be your best ally. Its special, spaced bristles help untangle knots without causing discomfort or unnecessary pulling.
  • De-shedding Tool: Ideal for shedding seasons, this de-shedding tool is designed to efficiently remove dead and loose hair, preventing it from accumulating in your pet’s coat or your home. Keep the amount of hair in your house in check and let your dog or cat sport a healthy and shiny coat.
  • Double-Sided de-Matting Brush: With this double-sided brush, you’ll have the versatility you need to care for different areas of your pet’s coat. One side features softer, finer bristles for gentle brushing, while the other side has firmer bristles to effectively remove dead hair and tangles.
  • Shedding Rake with teeth and Comb with teeth: These tools are perfect for dogs and cats with dense and thick coats. The rotating tine rake gently detangles matted fur, while the comb with bristles helps maintain tangle-free and well-groomed fur.

With this variety of brushes in our collection, we are confident that you will find the perfect tool for your pet’s fur care.


Remember to brush your dog or cat regularly to keep their fur healthy, prevent tangles, and strengthen your bond. Make each grooming session a pleasant moment for both of you!


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