Refreshing Donut

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Take care of your furry friends this summer with our Freedog Refreshing Donut. Our refreshing carpet offers a cool and comfortable rest for your pets without the need to cool the mat beforehand. Using a gel core, the cooling effect is activated by your pet’s body, providing a pleasant and refreshing experience. What’s more, our Refreshing Donut is 100% recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice for your pet’s comfort.

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40% Polymer 30% Water
Extra strong stitching

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The cooling effect is achieved without cooling the mat previously, since the effect of the gel core is activated with the body contact of the pet. The gel inside gently and effectively removes excess heat from the body and thus keeps it in a safe temperature range. Not only is this enjoyable for our pets, but it also protects you against the dangerous summer heat. In addition, this effect will last for hours. If the effect decreases, it is only necessary for our pet to stop using it for a short period of time and it will have all its cooling properties again. To increase the cooling effect you can put the cushion in the refrigerator, but it is optional. As it can be easily folded, it can be stored in a way that saves space when not in use and can be transported comfortably. The nylon material surface is sturdy and easy to clean. If necessary, the cushion can be wiped with a damp cloth. Available in various sizes.