Welcome to the Freedog Sustainability page, where our love for pets meets respect for the environment. We are determined to lead the way towards a more sustainable future, implementing significant changes in all aspects of our business.




At Freedog, we believe that every small step towards sustainability has a positive impact. Our vision is to build a brand that not only cares about the well-being of pets, but also the well-being of the planet we all share.

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Sustainable packaging



In line with our vision, we are gradually removing plastic from our products, introducing sustainable packaging made from recycled materials. This commitment reflects our desire for a Zero Waste future.

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GRS certification for essential products


Our items are essential pieces in the lives of our pets and we want them to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why we are certifying many of our products with GRS (Global Recycled Standard), guaranteeing that each purchase contributes to closing the life cycle of recycled materials.


Sustainable innovation projects


In addition to improving the manufacturing of our products, we want to be part of continuous innovation, whether actively exploring more sustainable materials and processes, seeking strategic partnerships with companies committed to sustainability and supporting projects concerned about the future of the planet.


Take part in our journey

However, we know that the path to sustainability is a journey that we cannot take alone, since we need everyone’s collaboration. This is why we invite you to be part of our journey towards sustainability. Follow our social media channels for real-time updates on our progress, practical tips for living in a more sustainable way, and join the conversation about how we can all make a difference.

A greener future with Freedog


At Freedog, we’re not just creating pet products; We are building a greener and more sustainable future. We appreciate your support and commitment to our sustainable initiatives. Together, we are making the world a better place for everyone. 


Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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