How to care for a new baby cat

18 de Abril 2023

Do you have a baby cat at home? Let’s share some tips to take good care of your new friend in his early days.


It is very likely that at first it will hide, but do not worry because it will gradually get closer to you. What’s important is that you don’t go after him to catch or touch him if he doesn’t want to. Leave him his adjustment time. It can be a few hours, days or even weeks, but be patient; you will surely end up being good friends in a short time.

Some tips for your baby cat:

  1. Create a comfortable and safe environment for that little kitten. It is very important that you have a place where you can sleep and feel relaxed, either with a bed, a cave or a soft, padded and warm igloo.


  1. Show him your sandbox. It is important that he knows where he needs to relieve himself. You can teach him by leaving some of his excrement inside, so he’ll associate it quickly.


  1. Learn to play. From very young cats need daily activity and the attention of their owner to achieve an active mental and physical health. You can have several types of toys, whether they are mice, balls, stuffed animals, or fishing rods, which will activate their hunter instinct, or you can also have intelligence toys that will help them stimulate their mind and thus avoid destructive behaviors.


  1. Provide distractions and stimuls. Snacks or lollipops containing Catnip or Matatabi are ideal for cats. They contain a light and sweet smell that your little friend will fall in love with, and will help relieve stress, anxiety and even improve your effective bond.


  1. Use carriers or backpacks to mobilize your kitten, either to the vet or to change space away from home. Although cats do not like to move much once they are settled in a fixed space, if you have to leave the house, do so by means of a carrier or a backpack suitable for this.


  1. Maintain proper hygiene. Although cats are very clean, you can brush their hair carefully from the beginning, so it will get used. Spreading the type of hair you have, you can do it more or less frequently, but always with the right brushes and delicately. You can also wash your pet with a specific shampoo from time to time to keep it clean.


  1. It has a scraper for your nails. Usually cats file their nails alone with a scraper, but that’s not all they’re good for. The scrapers are also used to climb, exercise, mark the territory with your play area and release stress. If you have a scraper you will save the furniture and sofa of your house! It is important that scrapers have stability at their base, that the size goes according to the type of cat you have or the amount.


Si quieres cuidar de tu nuevo gato bebé ten en cuenta los consejos mencionados anteriormente con mucha paciencia y amor.


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