How to prevent my cat from scratching furniture?

16 de Febrero 2023

As a general rule, cats scratch by marking territory, by filing their nails, by stress, anxiety, or by simple boredom. It is a good way to strengthen your nails, to stretch your whole body and manifest your instinct.


But it is not always a fun action if it is that your sofa, your curtains or your most beloved furniture are damaged.


In this article we give you some solutions so that your cat releases tensions and at the same time your belongings are safe.


  1. Buy a suitable scraper for your pet in an area he likes, such as near the sofa.
  2. Feed their instinct with interactive toys that they can chase. It will also be a way to exercise and release tension.
  3. Cover the sofa with some protective cover, and even spray it with some unpleasant smell for cats. Keep it on until you use the scraper regularly.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to scold your friend if you catch them at the time they’re doing theirs.
How to choose the ideal scraper for our cat?

As you have seen, a good method for your cat not to scratch is to get a scratch scraper suitable to withstand scratches and even to provide it with its own, safe space that transmits comfort.

A good scraper should be at least 50 centimeters high, a good base and a sturdy pole made of quality materials.


For starters, you can count on a basic scraper. It is a simpler scraper that will help you know if your cat likes to scratch his nails on a scratcher or not.


You can also try a slightly bulkier scraper, with platforms and a small shelter or bed to combine filing your nails with resting.

Finally, if you see that a scraper is the final solution for your cat to leave your furniture alone, you can count on a more sophisticated and forceful product. There are countless designs and combinations, but here we show you the most complete and innovative scrapers to make your friend feel at home.


These scrapers are also a good solution if you have more than one cat, since it has several scratching areas, climbing levels and spaces to rest separately.


It is also a good way to decorate your home, combining shapes, colors and materials!



A scraper will help distract your cat’s mind and make it the ideal space to release their feline tensions. Get yours HERE

If you have any questions, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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